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Formula 602

  • MEDIUM cymbals are the perfect all-round cymbals. They could also be called MEDIUM-THIN or RIDE-CRASH. They have been designed to unite, in one cymbal, several sound characteristics, so that they can be used for a variety of effects. The "ride" comes through very smoothly and you can get excellent "crash" and accents. (4)


  • A balanced, full, rich and brilliant sounding cymbal. Extremely flexible, as it is equally good as a medium ride or a powerful crash cymbal. Highly recommended as a crash cymbal for heavy players. (1)
  • A bit heavier than the crash, very balanced, full and rich sounding. Nice ride sound in larger sizes. Very versatile and works well with louder playing. (2)
  • Bright, rich, warm, full. Wide range, clean mix. Even, responsive feel. Multi-purpose cymbals with excellent full bodied crash and ride functionality.
    Weight medium heavy Volume medium to loud Stick Sound fairly washy Intensity lively Sustain medium long Bell Character integrated (3)

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