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16.5" Clap Hats

GM Designs, founded by Gabriel Martinez in March 2022, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, with cymbal craftsmanship entrusted to skilled Turkish artisans. Mr. Martinez is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cymbal design beyond conventional norms. As of September 2023, their product catalog boasts a diverse range of over 160 unique offerings, with fresh additions introduced monthly. Their expertise extends beyond crafting original cymbals; they also rekindle forgotten concepts, breathing new life into them for enthusiasts to rediscover.

Noteworthy Achievements:

1. The company currently produces the industry's largest Clap Stack at 16", 18", and 20".
2. Their pioneering Multi Bell cymbal spans a remarkable range from 20" to 28".
3. They created Luna, a groundbreaking cymbal designed exclusively for snare drums.
4. They created the "Clap" Hats, the first reversible pair designed to complement the Clap Stack.
5. They proudly unveiled Jupiter, the industry's first cymbal featuring a 10" bell, a feature also incorporated across various other models.
6. Their Neptune Crash/Ride sets a benchmark as the market's thinnest cymbal.
7. They’ve revamped the Triangle, making it larger and stronger, and becoming the first to offer a B20 model.
8. Their line of chime cymbals are a departure from traditional cup chimes, featuring a bell with no surrounding perimeter. This redesign results in a purer, more resonant chime-like sound. Available in various weights, sizes, and finishes.
9. The company reimagined the finger cymbal with adjusted size and weight, also unveiling the first pair crafted from B20 alloy.

What makes the company distinct is its penchant for crafting cymbals with larger bells and unconventional sizes, setting it apart from run-of-the-mill manufacturers. The company takes pride in being bigger, louder, and exceptionally unique. All cymbals are meticulously hand-hammered and lathed, with sizes ranging from 3" to an impressive 28". Special orders are also accommodated, with the company often stating, "The possibilities are limitless." For inquiries, interested parties can contact the company through its website.

Location: Texas, USA
Production Years: 2022 - Present
Contact: see Contact page on website
Web Site: GM Designs Cymbals
You Tube Channel:GM Designs You Tube Channel
Tik Tok Channel: GM Designs Tik Tok Channel

Sound File Examples:

24" Signature Cross China 2156g
25.5" x 28" Nebula 2162g
14" Jupiter Bell 2038g

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