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Avantgarde is a company based in Denmark, with production in Turkey and China.

Avantgarde roughcut.jpg

Cymbal Series

  • Cope - Inspired by the warm vintage sound of the 1970s.
  • Feinschmecker / Feinschmecker Dry
  • Frills - Developed in collaboration with Laust Sonne; hand-hammered
  • Low Volume - Great for small venues, or practice, where sound is best kept to a minimum
  • Mirage - Raw and dry on half of the cymbal and polished on the rest. This gives a very modern sound with the combination of a dry and brilliant stick sound
  • Precision - Very all-round and is used for virtually all genres. Has a warmth and sensitivity that makes it possible to bring out the sound even with light hits
  • Precision Raw - A series that has a "RAW" surface, lending to a drier sound
  • Roughcut - A very warm sound with a nice bright treble produced by the polished surface
  • Tribute - Inspired by the old Zildjian K cymbals made in the 1940s in Istanbul.

Their cymbal demonstration videos can be found on Avantgarde Cymbals You Tube channel.

In addition to their catalogued cymbals, they also offer Tam-Tams and gongs.

More information and videos can be found on their website: Avantgarde Cymbals

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