A Custom 14" Crash

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Group: Crashes
Type: Crash
Size: 14 Inch
Series: A Custom
Weight: 697g, 744g, 789g, 802g, 832g (1996 Serial Number), 838g (2004 Serial Number)
Years of production: 1992* -
Sound file: A Custom 14" Crash
Zildjian's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: "Of the entire A Custom line, the crashes are my personal favorite. In our initial review the crashes were described as "big, full splash cymbals," and that is an apt description. The new sizes reviewed here are 14" and 19" models. The 14" crash really is more of a splash cymbal. In fact, I own a 12" A splash that has more of a crash sound than the 14" A Custom crash does. But whatever you want to call it, the 14" sounds nice. It's extremely quick and cutting, with a tone that's a little different-sounding—just slightly lower in pitch than you might expect."
Review written by William F. Miller ("New And Notable - More Zildjian A Custom Cymbals", Modern Drummer, January 1993, p. 40)
Artist/song where it can be heard:

(*) "New And Notable" (Modern Drummer, September 1992, p. 122)