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Introduction: 1994
Discontinued: 2000
Background: Visions cymbals are made using both our "Paiste Sound Alloy" and CuSn8 bronze in order to achieve the best possible sound realization for each model.
Visions feature our unique "Colorsound" black coating, a patented process which both creates a stunning visual appeal and produces a very dry, defined sound, yet still allows the cymbal's frequencies to resonate freely.
Designed for medium to high volume settings in both studio and live environments requiring precision and separation, Visions will please creatively expressive, extravagant and eccentric musicians with their unique sound and experimental potential. Some of the specific applications for Visions include dry sounds for studio work, short decay sounds for fast and explosive rhythmic patterns, and stage work where strong visual appeal and prevention of microphone bleed are desired.
Cymbal-stacking is a perfect application for Visions cymbals. Due to their special black coating, Visions cymbals best achieve the white-noise harmonics that were characteristic of early electronic drum sounds. Aside from their ability to create radical sound colors, Visions cymbal stacks offer creative visual appeal to your presentation.
Alloy: Patented Signature Bronze & CuSn8 (Also known as "2002 Bronze")
Quality: Professional
Production: Black "Colorsound" coating with rich silver ink silk screening
Applications: All settings. Studio and live
Users: Terry Bozzio
Sound: Dry, quick, punchy, mixed with the classic Paiste sound!





Splashes and Bells


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  1. 1998

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