Paiste Signature 18" Full Crash

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Group: Crashes
Type: Full Crash
Size: 18 Inch
Series: Signature
Weight: 1473g
Years of production: 1989 - Present
Sound file: unknown
Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>
Review: Bright and responsive. not overly loud but it's got enough balls to make it's presence known in most situations. it opens up quickly and fades with an unbelievably beautiful shimmer. if you are a one crash only man / woman, this is the crash for you.
Review written by Black Label
Review: A beautiful sounding cymbal. The sweet, shimmering explosion of the cymbal is bound to project past even the loudest rhythm section. No drummer can deny the full bodied wave of beauty which emits from this Paiste masterpiece. Whether beating quarter note hits into the crash or firing triplets into it's stingy bell, this is the cymbal for you.
Review written by Fred Brewer
Review: Now the 18", that´s a crash!!! it feels and sounds incredible, just perfect, and it´s also the perfect companion to my 18" power crash (a la Danny Carey)
Review written by iron savior
Review: This crash is the absolute epitome of shimmer. Very bright, so bright I'm not too sure about the label Full Crash. Don't let the name or the weight fool you, as this cymbal can get LOUD. Beautiful, shimmering, bright and loud pretty much sums it up. Oh, that and I have never in my life heard a cymbal that sounds as good with mallets!
Review written by MiddleMan
Artist/song where it can be heard: Frank Beard, Charlie Benante, Alvino Bennett, Curt Bisquera, J.D. Blair, Bill Bruford, Chuck Burgi, Mario Calire, Danny Carey, Ndugu Chancler, Stewart Copeland, Paul Deakin, Mikkey Dee, John Dolmayan, Sheila Escovedo, Jim Keltner, Eric Kretz, Russ Kunkel, Ricky Lawson, Paul Leim, Nick Mason, Pat Mastelotto, Larry Mullen Jr., Stu Nevitt, Nigel Olsson, Jeff Porcaro, Charlie Quintana, Marky Ramone, Soko Richardson, Scott Rockenfield, Bobby Rondinelli, Tico Torres, Alex Van Halen, Chad Wackerman, Narada Michael Walden, Louie Weaver, Paul Wertico