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New Signature

Introduction: 2004

Background: Create a cymbal line that permits absolute artistic freedom in the creation of cymbal sound • Maintain freedom to concentrate fully on the individual sound character of the respective models and therefore perfect liberty of any sound restrictions given by a defined series character.
Forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen, conceived and executed according to uncompromising sound concepts, Signature Cymbals are instruments of unsurpassed quality for the discerning drummer’s quest for personal creativity and musical excellence. (1)

Innovation: The first set “New Signature” cymbals introduced in 2004 was named “Dark Energy” • They unite the fundamental characteristics of the “Signature” and “Traditionals” series, as such they combine depth, a dark character, absolute musicality embracing multilayered harmonics with brilliance, richness and the ability of reaching through.

Alloy: Patented Signature Bronze

Quality: Professional

Production: Manual craftsmanship • Hand hammering, hand lathing • Proprietary manufacturing methods.

Applications: Soft to medium loud settings • Live and recording • Jazz, Swing, Blues, Latin, R&B, Pop, Country, moderate Rock • Also excellently suitable for acoustic music and classical settings and mallet rolls.

Users: Professional musicians, sound enthusiasts, inspired professional drummers, refined musicians that need a fully developed and well balanced character in their cymbals.

Sound: Dark, multi-layered, warm, crisp and rich with special emphasis on control, projection, balance and comfort for supreme playing feel.

The “Mark X” Principle

Throughout the creation of these cymbal sounds with their own character and a defined dynamic function, we also reserve ourselves the liberty to vary on the same principle. We call these variations subsequently “Mark I”, “Mark II” and so on. With making use of this principle we liberate ourselves and are able to research openly by developing completely creative sounds in the world of cymbal making.




Splashes (& Bells)

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