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File:Paiste-Rogers-1977-Prices.png|Prices from Rogers Catalog
File:Paiste-Rogers-1977-Prices.png|Prices from Rogers Catalog
File:Paiste-Rogers-1977-Prices2.png|Prices from Rogers Catalog (part 2)
File:Paiste-Rogers-1977-Prices2.png|Prices from Rogers Catalog (part 2)
File:Paste-602-dark-ride-descr-1976.JPG|Paiste Catalog 1976 Description
File:Paiste-602-dark-ride-descr-1976.JPG|Paiste Catalog 1976 Description

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Group: Rides
Type: Dark Ride
Size: 22 Inch
Series: Formula 602
Weight: 2889g - 3453g (median 3240g) n=40
Used Prices: $400 - $910 (median $636) n=45
List Price: $288 (as at 1977) or about $460 inflation adjusted to June 2019
Years of production: 1971 (early development), 1975 - 1977
Production History: Jon Hiseman's biography mentions his 1971 602 Dark Ride. Jack De Johnette is also credited with early development. There are 6 non serial 602 Dark Rides documented. Most are in the 1975-1977 era based on serial number dating. There are no 602 Dark Rides with serial numbers from 1972, 1973 and 1974 out of 32 serial numbers. There are also what are called the Transitional Dark rides which all come from 1976 and 1977 based on serial numbers. These lack the words Formula 602 at the bottom of the emmbossed stamp, but other than that the hammering, lathing, and ink look like the 602 Dark Rides. The Transitional Dark Rides correlate with Rogers taking over Paiste distribution in the USA. The Rogers price list and catalog from that period shows that Rogers placed a few 602 models in among their 2002 catalog offerings and did not mention the Formula 602 series. This would explain why the words Formula 602 were left off the embosssed stamp and the ink. In 1978 the Sound Creation series appears and the Dark Ride is found in that series from then on. There is one 602 Dark Ride from 1979 which is consistent with production tapering off rapidly at that time. There is one 1981 Dark Ride cymbal with serial PAISTE 602 142560, 602 Dark Ride ink characteristics and hammering, but no embossed stamp at all. This might be as close as it gets to a 602 Blue Label period Dark Ride.
Sound file:
Paiste's Description: The basic character of the cymbal is deep and dark with a full-bodied sound. The precise ride floats dark and brilliant over a lively, constantly resonating full deep ping. The sound can be increased to short, sharp crash effects by intense strong hits with the stick flat on the cymbal surface. Translated from the German 1976 catalog seen below.
Review written by
Artist/song where it can be heard: Jon Hiseman, Jack De Johnette

602 Dark Ride with the full 602 stamp and ink

602 Dark Ride (Transitional) without the full 602 stamp and ink

Notice that the embossed stamps are different. The 602 Dark Ride uses the outline version of the full stamp. The 602 Dark Ride (Transitional) uses a version which has TRADE underneath the E of Paiste. This version is called the mixed version of the embossed stamp when it includes the Formula 602 underneath. On the 602 Dark Ride there is ink saying Paiste Formula 602 above the bell. On the Transitional version the Paiste ink is there, but the Formula 602 is not. Here is the price list from the Rogers 1977 catalog which has the Dark Ride (Part No 52-1822) placed among the 2002s. If you compare the prices from the first part (which are 2002s) with the prices in the continued section it looks like the Flat Rides and China Types and that 11" Splash are also 602s. It may be that the Sound Edge hats on the first page are 602s as well given their price compared to the other hats.