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Series - Sizes


Formula 602

  • The basic character of the cymbal is deep and dark with a full-bodied sound. The precise ride floats dark and brilliant over a lively, constantly resonating full deep ping. The sound can be increased to short, sharp crash effects by intense strong hits with the stick flat on the cymbal surface. Translated from the German 1976 Paiste catalog.

Sound Creation

  • A low, warm, full sounding ride cymbal with a strong ping sound. The ‘undertone’ or ring generates energy and warmth beneath the powerful ping sound. The bell sound is strong and penetrating. Short accents played with the shoulder of the drumstick flat against the cymbal are very effective because the cymbal does not build up ‘overtones’ as it is played. The dynamic range is fantastic. All beats come out clearly whether they are played extremely soft or extremely loud. The Dark Ride does exactly what the player does.

Sound Creation New Dimension

  • Strong cymbal with dark, warm sound energy and penetrating, luminous ping. (2)


  • The Dark Rides, available in 20" and 22", meet the highest requirements of Jazz drummers that seek vintage sound. Their dark-smoky vibe and incredibly soft feel perfectly suit dynamic playing in quiet to medium-loud combos. The 20" Dark Crash Ride is slightly lighter, hence provides somewhat more wash but features the same vintage-earthy timbre as the Dark Ride. (3)
  • Dark, warm, smoky, breathy. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Soft feel with a quick response. Very crash able. Controllable, peppery stick sound over a dark layered oriental, smoky wash. A ride cymbal that can easily be used in a small jazz club setting and flourish in other styles such as blues or country music.
    Weight medium thin Volume low to medium loud Stick Sound fairly washy, steady Intensity lively Sustain medium long Bell Character integrated, low pitched (3)

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