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Introduction: 1971


  • Introduced in 1971 in response to Beat and Rock music that required a cymbal to be able to cut through frequencies and volume levels that the Giant Beat series could not.
  • Paiste 2002 are energetic cymbals developed for electric music. They mike up easily. The sound is very lively, full and brilliant. They are much favored by some of the world's top rock drummers. (1)

Innovation: Created by fusing the power of the Giant Beat with the musicality of the Jazz line Formula 602, the first cymbal series for electronically amplified musical was born - 2002. Using Paiste's CuSn8 alloy, also known as "2002 Bronze", it is a Professional Level cymbal. Hand Hammered and Hand Lathed, and created by employing proprietary manufacturing methods, it is one of the most versatile cymbal series on the market for over 30 years.

Alloy: CuSn8 (Also known as 2002 Bronze)

Quality: Professional

Production: Manual craftsmanship, hand hammering, hand lathing.

Applications: All volume settings, live and studio. From medium soft to very loud settings, its brilliant warmth and precise tone have made it a favorite of drummers worldwide.

Users: Working musicians, enthusiasts, all players who need energy and drive and want their cymbals to cut through the music in all settings. Notable past and present 2002 players include: <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="John Bonham">John Bonham</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Ian Paice">Ian Paice</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Cozy Powell">Cozy Powell</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Phil Rudd">Phil Rudd</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Alex Van Halen">Alex Van Halen</a>, Rick Allen (Def Leppard), <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Stewart Copeland">Stewart Copeland</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Bobby Blotzer">Bobby Blotzer</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Jeff Porcaro">Jeff Porcaro</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Nick Mason">Nick Mason</a>, Gina Schock (The Go-Go's), <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Tommy Lee">Tommy Lee</a>, Ian Haugland (Europe), Chester Thompson (Genesis), <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Terry Bozzio">Terry Bozzio</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Bill Bruford">Bill Bruford</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Charlie Benante">Charlie Benante</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Art Blakey">Art Blakey</a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Frank Beard">Frank Beard </a>, <a href="/web/20120718215135/" title="Nicko McBrain">Nicko McBrain</a>...

Sound: Bright, warm, brilliant, musical, precise with high energy levels and powerful projection characteristics.


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2002 Models In Production

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