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Note this is a resurrection of the lost Paiste-Only wiki (many updates are currently ongoing).


Each of these portals can be used to help find specific information on Paiste products both past and present. Curious about who is playing Paistes, that is also included. We've even included information on Paiste drums, interpreting serial numbers, and identifying what you have when the ink labels are gone.

  • Paiste Serial Numbers: Notes on how to determine the date of manufacture for all Paiste cymbals, German serial numbers, Early 70's engraving dates, dating patent stamps.
  • Identify Your Paistes: Notes on identifying alloys, Alloy technical detail, Labeling formats, Factory refinishing, European, English & Japanese distributors.
  • Paiste's cymbal production process: Myths, legends, misconceptions, misinformation and plain old bamboozlery!: Get the facts and what sets Paiste apart from other manufactures!
  • A conversation with Fredy Studer: The driving force behind the 602 dark ride, the Sound creation series, the 2002, Masters series, Modern essential 602's, signing countless famous drummers and so much more!
  • The Keeper of the Sound: A 2006 Interview with Robert Paiste by Fritz Steger (Robert had not been formally interviewed since 1972!).
  • Paiste Advertising: Paiste catalogs, advertisements(ads), brochures, flyers, pricelists, and posters.
  • Cymbal care: How to care for, clean, and use your Paiste products.


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