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Note this is a resurrection of the lost Paiste-Only wiki. It will take some time to get all the info back, and then it needs to be updated to cover the changes since the P-O wiki went offline (many updates are currently ongoing).


Each of these portals can be used to help find specific information on Paiste products both past and present. Curious about who is playing Paistes, that is also included. We've even included information on Paiste drums, interpreting serial numbers, and identifying what you have when the ink labels are gone.

  • Identify Your Paistes: Notes on identifying alloys, labeling formats, determining what you have when the labels are gone.
  • Paiste Advertising: Paiste catalogs, advertisements(ads), brochures, flyers, pricelists, and posters.
  • Cymbal care: How to care for, clean, and use your Paiste products.


Need more Paiste references? The wiki pages as well as the best of the web are listed here

  • A list of official and unofficial Paiste sites.